OrganoKleen Degreaser

OrganoKleen Degreaser

A biodegradable degreaser that will effectively clean all hard surfaces which can be cleanse with water. It is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-hazardous formulation that will emulsify hydrocarbon, grease, oil, fats, lipids and proteins. It accelerates biodegradation and detoxifications through emulsification. It also removes odor.

Suitable for use in pressure wash system and contains corrosion inhibitor preventing corrosion to equipment and cleanse surfaces. Effective in soft, hard and salt water environment.

Benefits of Using OrganoKleen

  • Efficient removal of hydrocarbon, oil & grease and waste matter.
  • Accelerates bioremediation and detoxification through emulsifying effect.
  • Safe for food industry.
  • Organic sludge safe for disposal.
  • Does not cause corrosion.
  • Effective in hard, soft or salt water.
  • Biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for food.
  • Halal certified.

The OrganoKleen Advantage

  • Increased efficiency in physical /chemical treatment
  • Increased efficiency in physical and chemical treatment.
  • Water based, biodegradable and main constituent made from plants.
  • Does not contain phosphates
  • Works in soft, hard and salty water.
  • Eliminate corrosion on treated surfaces.
  • Health & Safety through use of non-toxic and non-aggressive chemical.
  • Non- flammable and non-fuming and safe to work in confine areas.


OrganoKleen Degreaser is packed in 200kg drum or 1000kg IBC tank.



OrganoKleen provides colloidal cleaning with better soil releasing and suspending action. It will lift, separate and hold in suspension oil, grease, soils and emulsify fats, oil and hydrocarbon. OrganoKleen is suitable for use on surfaces washable with water.

Product Specification

Physical aspect: Yellow color liquid
pH: 9.0-9.6
Specific Gravity: 1.0
Solvent: Water

Recommended Applications

  • Light degreasing of hydrocarbon contaminated surfaces in engine rooms, storage tank, workshop floors.
  • Engine, gearbox, pumps, generators and hydraulic equipment.
  • Industrial food processing and preparation facility.
  • Restaurant, function rooms, conference facility.
  • Domestic cleaning in kitchens, toilets, dining, gym, grouting between tiles, etc.

Usage Guide

  • Dilute 1:2 for light cleaning and apply neat for heavy cleaning.
  • 1 liter removes up to approximately 9 liters of hydrocarbon.
  • Spray on and agitate lightly and pressure wash where available.
  • Operates between pH 4 to 11 and in varying temperatures it will perform.


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