About Us

WaterChem Pte Ltd is a chemical solutions company based in Singapore and has been proven regionally in terms of performance and delivery of service. We specialise in treating potable water in a way that is both safe for users as well as the environment.

We produce and market a wide array of products for application in potable water treatment plants, industrial waste water treatment processes as well as solutions for degreasing and removing oils.

WaterChem believes in providing the best solution that is environmentally sustainable. We strive to eradicate the use of potentially harmful Aluminum Sulphate in treating potable water as well as effluent meant for discharge.

We are always actively seeking new partners who are willing to grow with us in new territories or in fresh applications of products currently offered.


WaterChem Pte Ltd strives to become a forefront leader in providing environmentally sustainable solutions for treating both potable and effluent water. We believe that the environment should be protected while not compromising on the quality of treated water. Utilising a synergy of ideas and expertise, WaterChem looks to help our partners strike a good balance between environmental friendliness and cost efficiency. We are committed to mold the company with our five S principles as a guide.

WaterChem will assist industries to replace Aluminum based flocculant from all areas of application in water treatment such as effluent and potable water. Organo-Floc CG/CF can be readily assimilated into various industries and processes as a nautral organic flocculant/coagulant that is environmentally friendly; saves treatment cost while increasing efficiency.

WaterChem is also focused on promoting our oilfield chemicals as we carry a wide range of effective and specific problem-solving range of products. WaterChem custom blends a range of chemicals for application in the oilfields. We aim to address the specific needs of our customers finding the right blend for maximum effectiveness.


Sustainable environmental practices

Our environmentally friendly solutions aim to make businesses more sustainable in the long run as the world moves away from impacting the environment while providing solutions.

Synergy with customers

We offer our expertise in water treatment and other green solutions to synergise with our customer’s operations thereby bringing greater value to the table.


Service orientated

WaterChem believes in service that transcends all traditional boundaries. We exceed customer satisfaction often at no extra cost.

Safety orientated

Safety has always been a major part of how WaterChem operates. This is similarly applied in the operation and handling of our products by our partners. WaterChem ensures that our partners are aware of any possible dangers or hazards our product might pose when utilising them.


Steadfast on promises and agreements

In the genuine interest of developing a working relationship with our partners, WaterChem actively strives to honor and abide by any and all agreements and contracts we have agreed to be a part of. WaterChem believes trust is the foundation on which all business relationships should be based on.

Our Milestones